The NBA players from the Turkish national team were removed from their 2022 EuroBasket game in Georgia after being accused of assault by members of the opposing squad, according to the Turkish team. 

The Turkish national team threatened to withdraw from EuroBasket 2022 after alleging that Furkan Korkmaz, an NBA player for the Philadelphia 76ers, was beaten on Sunday after receiving a red card. 

The Turkish team wanted security footage of the hallway where it’s thought that three members of the Georgian national team and security personnel attacked Korkmaz. 

After getting fouled in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, Turkish player Korkmaz confronted Georgian guard Duda Sanadze on the court and was subsequently dismissed from the game. 

The two players can be seen in the video engaging in a heated argument before both of them are ultimately kicked out of the game. 

Furkan Korkmaz was attacked by inactive Georgian players as he made his way to the locker room with our coach, according to Turkish Basketball Association Vice President Onan.  

The Georgian National Basketball Association was contacted by CNN, but they did not immediately hear back. The 76ers chose not to address the situation. 

Although he did not officially address the issue, Korkmaz did send three emojis of the Turkish flag on Twitter.  

Three Georgian players and security workers allegedly attacked the 76ers guard, according to Hakan Demir, the assistant coach of the Turkish national team. 

The Turkish basketball team, Demir continued, was there to play basketball; an incident that occurred off the court had no place in the game.