The Top 10 Most Startling & Unexpected Storyline Turns in Your Favorite TV Series


Michael's Death In Jane The Virgin

Michael Cordero, one of Jane the Virgin's most important characters, was quite abruptly killed off in the episode "Chapter Fifty-Four." His death was especially unexpected because it came as a complete surprise at the end of the show


Clare's Father Dies Derry Girl

Even though Sean (David Ireland) died from an aneurysm rather than anything connected to the violence that was going on at the time, it was nonetheless a shocking event because it occurred at the conclusion of a relatively typical episode.


Penny's Pregnancy The Big Bang Theory

Penny on The Big Bang Theory frequently expressed her disinterest in starting a family. On the other hand, Penny and Leonard revealed their pregnancy during the show's finale.


Erin Finds Her Birth Parent The Office

The storyline was abruptly resolved in the The Office finale when the couple showed up for the meet and greet, even though it had seemed like there was no chance for the Dunder Mifflin secretary to be reunited with her birth family.


Maggie Simpson Shot Mr. Burn The Simpson

Given that practically the entire town of Springfield had a cause to shoot the business tycoon, the two-part episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" created a great deal of suspense throughout.


Monica And Chandler Sleeping Together Friend

Friends might have been drastically different without what began as a quirky and ridiculous story device in the writer's room and eventually blossomed into one of the show's central tenets.


The Mother's Death In HIMYM

This was a major plot twist—after viewers had dedicated more than nine years to discovering the Mother's identity, her death in the last minutes of the show was shocking.


Ben Is Actually Dead Scrub

It turns out that Cox is actually at Ben's funeral when they get to what was once assumed to be infant Jack's first birthday. Leukemia, which Ben was diagnosed with in season 1, was the cause of his death.


Ross Says Rachel's Name At The Altar Friends

It should come as no surprise that Ross and Emily didn't work out, but it appeared as though he was ready to move on from Rachel and find someone else. But in a matter of seconds, his unintentional utterance destroyed his prospects.


The Identity Of The Ass Crack Bandit Community

A recurrent plot point in Community included the enigmatic Ass Crack Bandit, a serial practical joker who would mysteriously place coins down students' pants at random times.