The Top 7 Most Powerful Pokémon in the Anime Series  

One of the hardest battles in Pokémon Gold and Silver is against Whitney and her infamous Miltank. Without the fighting-type's edge, it's difficult to wear down its HP because it's fast and robust.

Whitney's Miltank 

The renowned Gary Oak, who is the Pokémon version of Blue from the original games, is one of the best adversaries. As demonstrated in Pokémon Origins, Blue will select the beginning Pokémon that has the type advantage over Red's, but Gary goes with Squirtle, who grows into a powerful Blastoise.  

Gary’s Blastoise  

The majority of Pokémon League participants wouldn't use Legendaries against their gullible opponents. Tobias makes it apparent at the Indigo League finals that he is unlike the majority of his opponents.


Naturally, Cynthia's strongest Pokémon is the starter she grew from an egg. Cynthia is one of the strongest Champions in the Pokémon series. Throughout the anime, Garchomp and Cynthia make frequent appearances, and Garchomp has an amazing winning streak.  

Cynthia's Garchomp  

The three legendary birds, Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, have great control over the elements of lightning, ice, and fire. There is one Legendary in their area, though, and he is more powerful than the other three.

Lugia Summons 

Celebi is among the more amiable Legendaries that Ash and his companions come across. Its psychic-type talents are just as potent as others', even though it isn't as equipped for combat.  


Like Lugia, Rayquaza appears to establish his supremacy over Groudon and Kyogre, two more Legendaries with immense power of their own.