The Stranger Things subtitle team for season 4 of Netflix's popular series has acknowledged purposefully mocking viewers with one of their subtitles.

 Since its premiere on streaming services in 2016, the spooky sci-fi thriller Stranger Things, created by Matt and Ross Duffer (also known as the Duffer brothers), has captivated audiences worldwide.

 The show centres on paranormal occurrences that occur in the made-up little town of Hawkins, Indiana, which are connected to top-secret government experiments carried out in the area's Hawkins National Laboratory and the Upside Down.

The Stranger Things subtitle crew recently went down to discuss with Vulture about their work on the show and their unique word choices in light of their recent surge in internet popularity.

 When questioned if they have noticed their work being widely parodied online, the author of the subtitle, Jeff T., acknowledged to "trolling a little bit" with the well-known phrase "tentacles undulating moistly." See his complete response below:

Sincerity be damned, "[tentacles writhing moistly]" I've witnessed a lot. I'll be the first to confess that was a little bit of trolling.

Additionally, throughout the past year or so, I've been observing ASMR streams to determine what words cause people to react in that way.

 I then take note of these words and add them to my word bank. In such ASMR streams, the word "Moistly" frequently appears.