Robert Downey Jr. appears entirely different on the set of The Sympathizer. 

For his role as Tony Stark, nicknamed Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the two-time Oscar nominee actor is best known. 

After Avengers: Endgame, Downey Jr. left the franchise, but he has not yet had the kind of success that can match his career-defining performance. 

His first role after the MCU was in the critically and financially disastrous 2020 Dolittle revival, which cost Universal as much as $50–100 million.  

With Sr., a touching biopic about his late father that received raving reviews, Downey Jr. had more luck since then. 

Downey Jr. hopes to continue his recent success with a plethora of intriguing options coming up. 

The Sympathizer, which is now filming in Los Angeles, is one of Downey Jr.’s new roles.  

The New York Post and other media sources now have the first glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. on the HBO miniseries set.  

The former MCU actor is completely unrecognisable in the set photo, sporting a wavy red hairpiece with a receding hairline.  

The actor also seems to be using some facial makeup and may even be sporting some prosthetics to make him appear much older.