The Sopranos creator provides a depressing update regarding the future of the show

David Chase, the creator of Sopranos, provides a regrettable update regarding the show's future. One of the most well-known and infamously contentious fades to black in TV history marked the conclusion of HBO's renowned mafia series in 2007. 

In 2021, The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel film featuring younger versions of most of the show's main characters, including Tony Soprano himself, brought the world of The Sopranos back against all odds.

Regarding the potential for a second Sopranos revival following Many Saints of Newark, showrunner Chase recently told TV Insider that there are no plans to bring the series back. 

Chase gave a curt response when questioned about the matter: "No. That was the precursor.

A purposefully unclear sequence that has been taken to mean Tony Soprano's death marked the end of the HBO series The Sopranos, which ran for six seasons. 

 The fact that the scene was left vague naturally gave rise to rumors that Tony hadn't died, which may mean that the show will eventually return. 

Following Gandolfini's passing, the only feasible course of action was to revive The Sopranos in prequel fashion. Chase chose to do just that with The Many Saints of Newark, starring Gandolfini as a young Tony. 

With hilarious cameos from young Paulie, Silvio, and Uncle Junior, Many Saints may have quenched the nostalgia of The Sopranos viewers, but it did not provide a clear way to continue the program as a franchise.