Although episodes of The Sinner season 4 were shown in the US last year, they are now accessible on Netflix.

Jessica Biel, who most recently received praise for her performance in Candy on Hulu.

The production was so well received that the showrunners opted to air further episodes.

Each season highlighting Bill Pullman’s portrayal of police investigator Harry Ambrose.  

Since the cast varies from season to season, he is actually the only one to appear in every episode. 

The fourth season of The Sinner, which starred Alice Kremelberg as the strangely vanished Percy Muldoon from her Maine home, debuted in October 2021. 

Detective Harry happens to be in town at the moment to solve another case and doesn’t think twice about delving into this most recent puzzle.  

The season also features Neal Huff as Sean Muldoon, Cindy Cheung as Stephanie Lam, Ronin Wong as Mike Lam, and Michael Mosley as Colin Muldoon.  

However, the detective’s abilities are tested throughout each episode due to his tendency for drinking and lack of familiarity with the locale. 

In spite of the fact that he insists he witnessed Percy die after falling off a cliff, the authorities don’t believe him.