There will be a crossover with Bob’s Burgers in the next Halloween episode of The Simpsons, “Tree House of Horror XXXIII.”  

After debuting in 1989 from the creator Matt Groening, The Simpsons is presently in its 34th season. 

The Simpsons Movie, a 2007 feature film, and the 2012 short The Longest Daycare both received Oscar nominations for the television series. 

Tree House of Horror episode, which serve as Halloween specials, are a defining feature of the show.  

Short, standalone horror stories are a staple of each Tree House of Horror, and they frequently become the most popular episodes of any given season with viewers.  

The writers produce fresh, spooky stories every year, many of which parody well-known horror and sci-fi franchises, and season 34 is expected to follow suit. 

John Roberts, who performs Linda Belcher’s voice on Bob’s Burgers, has confirmed that Linda will make an appearance in The Simpsons’ “Tree House of Horror XXXIII” episode. 

If Linda does show up, she’ll probably be accompanied by her three children Louise, Gene, and Tina, as well as her husband Bob.  

It’s unclear what the plot will be, but this will be Bob’s Burgers’ first appearance on The Simpsons. 

For instance, in season 8’s The Springfield Files, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from The X-Files visited the town.