Emilia Clarke’s mysterious role in Secret Invasion has been disclosed; she plays Abigail Brand.  

After Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios will attempt to broaden the Marvel Cinematic Universe by offering Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. 

Emilia Clarke’s casting in Secret Invasion has sparked wild rumors about the potential roles she could play.  

Although there have been many hypotheses regarding who her Marvel character is, there isn’t much evidence to support them.  

The Secret Invasion trailer shows only a few fleeting views of Emilia Clarke’s unnamed character. 

Her involvement in other action scene pieces and the defeat of unidentified foes have been hinted at in set photos and videos. 

Most of the conjecture has focused on Abigail Brand, Spider-Woman, and the Skrull queen Veranke due to the comic book adaptation of the Secret Invasion plot. 

Disney appears to have now officially announced that Emilia Clarke would play Abigail Brand in Secret Invasion.  

The tenor just established a dedicated account for the program in order to produce animated gifs. 

The voluminous rumors regarding Emilia Clarke’s character in Secret Invasion come to an end with the revelation that she is Abigail Brand.