Mr. The Rock Dwayne Red One, Johnson’s holiday action film, has recently been teased with crazy descriptions and behind-the-scenes pictures. 

Over-the-top action movies are nothing new to the former professional wrestler.  

The Scorpion King, a 2002 spinoff of The Mummy, featured him in his first significant role as the title character.  

Johnson established himself as a mainstay in the action genre with movies like Race to Witch Mountain, Hercules, and the Fast & Furious series.

Johnson most recently appeared in the blockbuster movie Black Adam as the DC Comics anti-hero. 

Johnson used social media to preview Red One, his upcoming action film with a holiday theme. 

The actor posted several behind-the-scenes photos of the actor as Callum Drift filming on a studio set. 

Red One sounds like a completely outrageous movie with a bombastic high-concept plot based on Johnson’s description.  

Audiences are limited to speculation because there hasn’t been much information about the movie’s narrative. 

The two might have a buddy-cop relationship, unwillingly cooperating yet quarreling while doing so.