A flashback scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's first episode shows a young Galadriel (Amelie Child Villiers) exploring Valinor, a blessed area purportedly free of evil.`

The honour of returning to Valinor from Middle-earth is given to the adult warrior (Morfydd Clark) in Episode 2, a journey that is only permitted to the most honourable Elves.

The Undying Lands, commonly known as Valinor, are referenced as the final resting place of the Elven people in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But where is Valinor exactly? How is it related to Middle-earth, and how? It all depends on what Age we're in.

Only one continent, Middle-earth, exists in the larger planet of Arda. The world was initially created by Ilvatar, the One God, whose agents were tasked with using their might to construct everything that is.

The Valar, divinities who have the power to reshape the world, are these emissaries. Even before the First Age of Arda, the globe was flat, with a seemingly endless sea encircling the landmass made up of Middle-earth, the Western continent of Aman, and other far-off places devoid of sentient life.

The gods relocated from Middle-earth to Aman after their initial conflicts with Melkor, a malevolent Valar who attempted to bend creation to his whim. There, they erected vast kingdoms, cultivated the Trees of Valinor, and transformed the continent into a haven for immortal beings seeking eternal peace.

The Elves were so asked to relocate to Aman so they may take use of the pleasures of Valinor, the domains of the Valar, after Melkor had been vanquished and restrained. However, a sizable portion of the Elves return to Middle-earth to battle the Dark Enemy after Melkor escapes, invades Valinor, and takes the Silmarils.

During the First and Second Ages of Arda, Valinor remained apart from Middle-earth and served as a haven for Elves who desired to return there.

The Elves regard the return to Valinor as the highest honour bestowed upon one of their people, especially in light of the bloodshed of the Wars of the Jewels. Men and other mortal beings can still not enter Valinor, though.