Millie Bobby Brown expressed her concern that her role in the suspenseful sequel Enola Holmes 2 will have an impact on her performance in season 5 of Stranger Things.  

Brown began acting in 2013, but her breakthrough part didn’t come until she played Eleven in the first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things in 2016. 

The character, a telekinetic who escaped from a mysterious underground laboratory, was crucial in aiding in the investigation into Will Byers’ disappearance. 

Throughout the show, which just debuted season 4 earlier this year, she has continued to develop as she integrates into the community of Hawkins, Indiana. 

Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister who is also a skilled crime-solver, is Brown’s second notable Netflix role.  

The young adult novel series of the same name by Nancy Springer inspired the character’s debut appearance in the 2020 film Enola Holmes. 

The girl in that movie, who frequently breaks the fourth wall and addresses the camera directly, solved her mother’s abduction.

According to USA Today, during a Q&A session at the Enola Holmes 2 premiere, Brown recently revealed a worry about shooting Stranger Things season 5.  

She compared playing Enola Holmes to “vlogging on YouTube” due to her continual eye contact with the camera.

Even though the precise release date has not been set, it is most likely to occur in 2024.