The Pokémon Anime's Next Series Officially Announced

Terastal Debut, a new anime series in the Pokémon brand, appears to be incorporating aspects from the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet video games. With anime's ongoing appeal, a new entry seemed unavoidable.   

Fans have many reasons to be enthusiastic for Terastal Debut based on the ad image.  

Pokemon fansite unveiled the first Terastal Debut marketing image in a post on X.   

Characters from the Scarlet & Violet video games are shown with Liko, Roy, Captain Pikachu, and other members of the Horizons cast. The photograph was provided by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro.  

Although there is currently little information available regarding the plot, fans of the games and Horizons both should find it intriguing that the cast of Horizons will be joined by a few characters from the games.  

With its official debut, Pokémon brings the anime to Paldea.