We have a brand-new "Sexiest Man Alive," and we are ecstatic about it! Chris Evans is the People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2022! 

The great news was only made public a short while ago, and although fans of the Avengers: Endgame actor are overjoyed, Chris' mother Lisa Capuano is the happiest of all. 

Chris Evans opened up in a People interview on how he feels about having the label of "sexy."

The Sexiest Man Alive title, Chris Evans said, would have "pumped" him up in middle school and would have been "the way to the cool table," which he was not at.

Regarding his mother Lisa Capuano's joy at her son winning the "sexy" title, Evans stated, "My mother will be overjoyed. 

She is happy of everything I accomplish, but she can truly take pride in this." Lisa raved adorably about herself: "I am not at all shocked. Our family will be inconsolable."

Chris Evans has acknowledged that he would sooner leap into a fire than talk about being seductive: "Interviewing about this topic is difficult. It has the odd feeling of being modest boasting." Realistically, this will merely be a point of bullying, the actor, 41, added.