The only K-pop song on Spotify's "Top Tracks of India 2022" is "Money" by Lisa of BLACKPINK.

Lisa, a gifted member of BLACKPINK, has reached yet another important milestone.

Her song "Money" is the only K-pop act on Spotify's "Top Tracks Of India 2022." The song's continuous presence in this year's top songs despite its release last year is even more unexpected. 

With this, we can acknowledge the artist's enormous impact on the global stage.

The release date of Lisa's debut album, "Lalisa," was September 10 of last year. The album had two songs, "Lalisa" and "Money."

 Both songs are hip hop-style and upbeat in order to convey the singer's passion.

Due to its cheerful pop melodies and potent raps, the song "Money" in particular gained popularity. With her catchy songs and incredible dance, Lisa swept the internet