Anya (Ruth Codd), no longer employed at Brightcliffe, scans objects at the beginning of The Midnight Club Episode 7. 

 Every day after work, she passes by the same shops, among them a dance school, which she frequently admires wistfully. She takes her prosthetic limb off before going to bed and watches TV alone at home.  

Her employer questions her about her objectives and plans for the following day at work.  

Her supervisor looks pleasant, but she is also so upbeat that it’s a little unsettling.

After work, she attends a support group and discusses how her cancer spontaneously regressed following the Midnight Club ritual. 

She phones her old buddy Rhett when she gets home to apologize. 

Unfortunately, his lack of interest in her apologies leaves Anya feeling discouraged as she heads to bed.  

Voices start arriving from her alarm clock around midnight. It sounds like the Midnight Club’s toast, even when Anya swiftly turns it off, so something isn’t right. 

In the support group, Anya retells a portion of her experience and explains to everyone that the ritual only worked for her.  

Blood is all over the lady who placed it there, and she resembles Dusty’s mother in all except her name.