He didn’t require surgery, so this summer he should spend all of his time in camp relaxing.  

You can tell that she practices a lot of strength training because she has shared some of her workout attire or routines on Instagram.  

He won’t be coming up with much new stuff, but given Boston’s tougher defense, the coaching staff will undoubtedly encourage him to be more aggressive with finishes and cutbacks at the rim. their additions, shots.

Rob Williams III and the Boston Celtics can at least rest easy knowing they have a fresh start after a perilous postseason. 

Williams suffered a knee injury near the end of the 2021–22 season that required surgery to repair the meniscus.  

. However, league sources told MassLive’s Brian Robb that there are no long-term worries regarding the incident. 

He had no more surgery, and since the team’s forthcoming training camp is in September, he will be able to participate because of the summer vacation. 

The exercise photos and videos Williams has uploaded on Instagram show that he is still recovering and getting ready. 

The Cs coaching staff will try to encourage Williams to be more aggressive on the glass and finish at the basket since the lineup has improved outside of shooting, according to Rob. 

Williams’ left knee has a torn meniscus, and the Celtics revealed in late March that he would require surgery and be sidelined for at least four to six weeks.