‘The Lost City’ should be seen in a theatre according to Bullock and Radcliffe

The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe, who believes that it is a film to be watched in theatres rather than on streaming.  

Helmed by Adam and Aaron Nee, The Lost City is a story about a romance novelist and her cover model as they get swept in a kidnapping attempt landing them into middle of a jungle adventure.  

Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt are also casted in the movie and it is to be released in theatres on March 25th. 

One of the growing arguments in the film industry these days is whether a film gets a theatre release or its going directly to a streaming platform. 

And considering many parts in many countries are still under some stage of lockdown, it really doesn’t leave the theatre approach much of an edge. Many filmmakers although are fighting really hard for not letting the theatre experience to die out. 

Denis Villeneuve had to work hard for his film Dune to have a theatre release. Not so surprisingly Bullock and Radcliffe are also strong advocates for theatre experience. 

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the stars spoke about why The Lost City should be seen in theatres. Bullock said, “We had until Feb. 9 to decide whether it was full theatrical or day-and-date, but we’re here to entertain in whatever capacity it can get out. It was the same thing during filming 

Radcliffe sharing his thoughts regarding the matter mentioned, “With this film specifically, I hope people are in a place where they feel like they can go to the theatre and enjoy it, because this is a grab-your-friends-and-go-cheer movie that lends itself to a big communal experience.”