A new The Last of Us episode 1 clip shows Joel Miller and his family attempting to flee the deadly fungus infestation.  

The upcoming HBO television adaptation, which is based on the lauded PlayStation 3 video game of the same name.

The Fireflies want to utilise Ellie to develop a vaccine that might prevent the fungus from spreading around the planet  

The Late Show with Seth Meyers host shared a scene from The Last of Us in which Joel and his family are trying to flee the deadly outbreak.  

Joel makes an effort to soothe his daughter down while Tommy evaluates the matter, putting her mental health first. 

A fungus called cordyceps was used as the inspiration for the zombie infestation in the first The Last of Us video game. 

The fungus isn’t harmful to people, but different strains target particular animals and alter their behaviour, making them slaves to the fungus and causing tendrils to grow from their bodies.  

Neil Druckmannl, the creator of the game, conjured up a mutated form of the fungus that could infect people and alter their behaviour as well. 

Fungal growths start to emerge from a carrier’s head and eyes as the Cordyceps infection takes hold of the host’s brain in the game.  

This Sunday marks the debut of The Last of Us, allowing viewers to experience the tragedy of the pandemic firsthand.