According to recent Netflix data, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story came extremely close to taking one of Stranger Things season 4’s crowns. 

The extremely unsettling drama series gathered roughly 300 million hours of viewing time on Netflix in its second week, according to the streaming giant’s most recent round-up of its Top 10 TV program list 

This places it as the second-most viewed English-language original series in Netflix history during a seven-day span. 

The only English-language program that did better in a single week was Stranger Things season 4. 

And that’s not all. The 299.84 million hours seen of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story for the week of September 26 to October 2 is a 65% increase over the amount of time watched during its opening week. 

For reference, the Netflix series saw 196.2 million hours of viewing in its first week after release.  

Since its release on Netflix, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has received 496.05 million hours of cumulative viewing time.  

According to the streamer, that is comparable to 56 million homes viewing the entire episode. 

The fact that Monster is now the ninth-most watched Netflix program of all time is even more astonishing.  

To be sure, read that sentence again: The ninth most popular TV show on Netflix is Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.