'Women's Work' — Season 2, Episode 8 (8.7)

In "Women's Work," the Waterford family unwinds while Fred heals in the hospital following the Red Center bombing, allowing Serena and June to put their differences aside.

'Together' — Season 5, Episode 6 (8.8)

The high point of many characters is covered in "Together," the sixth episode of the most recent season. Uncertain of their fates and imprisoned in cages by Gileadean forces, June and Luke (O-T Fagbenle) devise a plan to rescue Hannah (Jordana Blake).

'No Man's Land' — Season 5, Episode 7 (8.8)

With her contractions getting stronger, Serena is holding a driving June at gunpoint in "No Man's Land," continuing the plot of "Together."

'June' — Season 2, Episode 1 (8.8)

The Handmaid's Tale's "June" is a remarkable first episode of the second season, carrying the character's increased tension throughout the story.

'First Blood' — Season 2, Episode 6 (8.8)

"First Blood" is an episode that deftly grasps onto the suffering experienced by residents of the Waterford home. By letting June talk about Hannah so that she can comprehend what it's like to be pregnant, Serena tries to establish a connection with June over the developing baby.

'Smart Power' — Season 2, Episode 9 (8.9)

"Smart Power" emphasises Serena and Fred's journey to Canada to promote Gilead and dispel the myth that women are repressed there by highlighting the economic potential of the country.

'Night' — Season 1, Episode 10 (9.0)

The gradual development of the Handmaids' uprising captures the same conclusion as the original novel, "Night," from which the series is adapted.

'The Last Ceremony' — Season 2, Episode 10 (9.0)

The Waterford house quickly transforms into a birthing party when Offred starts to experience contractions while out grocery shopping, only to be let down when it is discovered that she was experiencing fake contractions and is still a long way from giving birth.

'Liars', Season 3, Episode 11 (9.2)

As Serena and Fred seek to bring Nichole back to Gilead in "Liars," June and Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) organise the escape of 52 children from a life of servitude and violence.

'Mayday' — Season 3, Episode 13 (9.3)

The Handmaid's Tale's third season finale, "Mayday," features Handmaids and Marthas collaborating to get ready for the escape flight by packing food and smudging the windows with soap.