The Russo brothers revealed why they chose Chris Evans to play the villain in the upcoming film The Gray Man in a recent interview with Comicbook. 

The Gray Man hits Netflix on July 22nd.  

Fans of the MCU may be surprised to learn that the Russo Brothers have transformed Evans into a viciously terrible villain for their new film.  

Evans, according to the Russos, was the one who insisted on trying something new. 

The brothers reportedly asked Evans about his future ambitions as an actor at the end of his tenure in the MCU.  

The Gray Man had to have all the proper attributes for Evans to be the finest villain he could be in The Gray Man.  

Enter Ryan Gosling, whom the Russos believe is the ideal candidate to play Mark Greaney’s adored character.  

Joe further added, “I would argue this role uses everything that Ryan is incredible at.  

It combines his great physical control; his really wonderful, quirky sense of humor; how he’s smoldering and intense onscreen and can communicate a lot while doing very little.  

Playing an action hero is different from any other form of acting because all that stunt work requires incredible body control and extreme discipline.  

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