The Gossip Girl reboot struggled for a long to create its own protagonist-driven conflict, but following episode 7 of season 2 in 2021, it could have discovered the ideal rivalry. 

The Gossip Girl reboot hadn’t yet found the ideal pair of foes who could sincerely care for each other and just as easily stab each other in the back. 

The original Gossip Girl was known for its numerous outrageous showdowns, with Blair and Serena’s rifts frequently causing more trouble than others. 

Season 1 of the Gossip Girl revival attempted to pit Julien (Jordan Alexander) and Zoya against one another, but their altercations always ended abruptly. 

Then, in Gossip Girl season 2 in 2021, Monet rose up Constance Billard’s ranks, endangering Julien if she had intended to genuinely confront Monet. 

The conflict between Monet and Julien gradually died down, leaving them with distinct but nonetheless compatible ambitions, much as Julien’s battle with Zoya.  

All of these possible assaults on Julien and threats to her safety were not only brief, but Julien didn’t want to fight. 

The friendship between Julien and Audrey appeared to be one of the only constant connections in Julien’s life during the first and second seasons of the Gossip Girl remake.

In the Gossip Girl season 2 episode 7 from 2021, Audrey happily parted ways with Julien, although the main source of Julien’s sadness remained her best friend’s impression of her. 

The confrontation between Audrey and Julien in the second season of the Gossip Girl reboot resembles the Blair and Serena plot from episode 6 of the second season of the show.