"The Glory Pt. 2" has been released on Netflix

In the second part of "The Glory," Song Hye Kyo's character seeks revenge against her abuser, played by Im Ji Yeon 

In this exciting section, Park Yeon Jin's previously strong alliance begins to break down, and she fears exposure for her past actions 

A significant storyline revolves around two fathers battling for custody of their daughter, with one of them going to great lengths to protect her

The other father, Ha Do Young, emerges as a better parental figure, doing everything possible to keep his daughter safe 

Although he couldn't spend time with her, Jeon Jae Joon's love for his daughter was evident 

The second part of "The Glory" was less exciting than the first since it had to handle many elements and delve into multiple characters' backstories 

However, the most satisfying aspect was watching the bullies fall and how easily the main character could manipulate them into destroying themselves

Overall, "The Glory Pt. 2" is a proven series featuring Song Hye Kyo, Im Ji Yeon, Lee Do Hyun, and Jung Sung Il