It is quite a nice surprise to say that the fourth season of Westworld is off to a promising start, even at the risk of jinxing it or creating a new timeline where it reverts to its worst traits.

Following the third season's blunder, the show's creators made the wise decision to time leap seven years in order to give themselves more creative freedom.

It has allowed the show to observe how the passage of time has changed both the world and the characters who inhabit it.  

Many people have made an effort to get past the atrocities of the past, holding onto the belief that they might advance towards a more peaceful future free of everything that has gone before.

In the show’s strong second episode, fittingly titled "Well Enough Alone," we were taken on a bit of a stroll down memory lane 

There were numerous visual references to the first season, when characters first visited the park, in this. Thematic and narrative developments that demonstrate how the past is not easily forgotten are the most intriguing.

We have specifically resumed our trip with the dynamic duo of Caleb (Aaron Paul) and Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), both of whom are carrying a lot of baggage.

Each has made an effort to leave their pasts behind by either starting families to share a future with or spending time alone in the peace of the woods.

But despite their best attempts, both are currently engaged in battle with a past that, like the hosts presently ruling the Earth, won't stay dead for very long.