Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen was first seen in season 9 set images of The Flash. 

This year, the CW is only airing two Arrowverse dramas due to the cancellations of Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Stargirl.  

The debut of the final Earth-Prime series is approaching as The Flash season 9 approaches in less than a month.  

There are 13 episodes left in The Flash season 9 to finish telling Barry Allen’s journey. 

Episode 9 of The Flash’s final season 9 is one of the most anticipated episodes and is now filmed. 

The CW officially announced that Amell’s Green Arrow will be making a comeback in this episode. 

New set photographs from Candagraphs have provided a first glimpse at Amell returning on The Flash set, even if The CW is keeping details of Oliver’s homecoming under wraps.  

Grant Gustin, dressed as Barry Allen, can be seen with Amell in the photos. 

The Flash season nine’s episode 9 is anticipated to be among the most important ones ever.  

Several more Arrowverse alumni are joining Amell in returning, in addition to his iconic role from the Arrow series.