Following Manifest's cancellation by NBC, Netflix saved the show. 

Recently, the first episode of Season 4 on the streaming service debuted, and it included a lot of unexpected turns that some fans weren't prepared for.

There will be spoilers for the fourth season of Manifest on Netflix.

It didn't take long for tragedy to return to the fold after the conclusion of the first ten episodes of the first season of Manifest on Netflix, taking a beloved character with it.

Zeke, represented by Matt Long, gives up himself and his developing "empathic skills" to save Cal as the first half comes to a close (Ty Doran). Zeke bids his wife an emotional farewell over the phone before chewing it.

Creator Jeff Rake confirms the sad passing but isn't ready to close the casket, according to TV Insider. "Even though the term "dead" is loaded on Manifest, Zeke is actually dead. 

 Characters occasionally succeed in returning to other characters, whether they are alive or dead. 

 Zeke, however, is dead "Rake informs the source. Fans will need to keep watching the second half when it airs to find out whether this portends some Lost-style hijinks or whether other factors are at work

And as one figure was being herded into the ether, others made their Netflix debut. After being featured in season two, college student and flight 828 passenger TJ returned to the programme.