As we recently learned, the third and final season of Beastars will be available on Netflix in 2024. 

Fans have been patiently waiting for a brand new season of Beastars since July 2022. 

Based on the manga of the same name by author Paru Itagaki, Beastars is a Netflix Original Japanese anime series that has received worldwide licencing. 

Fans of the show are fiercely devoted and eagerly awaiting its return. 

we can now formally announce that Studio Orange has picked up Beastars for a third season! Sadly 

Beastars’ third season will focus on the Interspecies Relations Arc, which takes place after Legoshi’s fight with Riz and spans chapters 100 to 123 of the manga. 

The anime episode 24 skipped some of the manga between Riz’s defeat and Legoshi’s conversation with Haru. 

When Legoshi decides to drop out of school and live independently, he will have to learn the hard way what it means to be a carnivore in society. 

Haru, meanwhile, will continue to struggle with navigating her friendship/relationship with Legoshi.  

The Interspecies Relations Arc spans manga chapters 100 to 123, so we can expect season 3 to cover the entire arc in the first half.