The official Adam Pearce was attacked by Ronda Rousey on the most recent SmackDown program. Official Pearce made an effort to apologize to Ronda, but she still viciously attacked him. 

Adam Pearce finally spoke up about the attack on him. Additionally, he stated that he did not wish to lift Ronda’s ban. 

Ronda Rousey was suspended and Ronda made a dangerous attack on official Adam Pearce.  

Pearce revealed that he did not want to remove the suspension from Ronda. At that time Ronda Rousey was in no mood to argue and she made Pierce worse by holding her in the armbar. 

Adam Pearce recently expressed his grief through a tweet expressing his mind and Pearce regrets the mistake he made.

Adam Pearce called Ronda Rousey good and bad during the segment on SmackDown last week. After this, he tried to apologize to Ronda for this thing, but despite this, Ronda attacked him fiercely. 

In WWE, the Ronda Rousey and Adam Pearce storyline has started. If discovered, Ronda’s second suspension would not be appropriate.  

It would be fascinating to see what the WWE has in mind for Ronda now that Extreme Rules is the upcoming event.  

The storyline between Ronda Rousey and Adam Pearce has begun in WWE. If seen, Ronda Rousey has violated the rules of WWE by attacking Adam Pearce.  

Since Adam Pearce is an official, Ronda Rousey should be suspended for attacking him. Now that Extreme Rules is the next event, it will be interesting to see what WWE’s plans are for Ronda.