The Gotham Renewal Project, a plan to restore Gotham City, is introduced in The Batman, and this would be the ideal approach for Robert Pattinson’s Batman to respond to the character’s ongoing criticism.  

Although The Batman made several references to The Gotham Renewal Corporation, it never actually showed how the project’s anticipated investments were put into practice 

But by reviving the Gotham Renewal Project in The Batman 2, Robert Pattinson’s Batman may be given a completely new arc, resolving a problem that has dogged the film since its start. 

In the universe of Batman, Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, founded the Gotham Renewal Corporation to improve Gotham before his tragic death.  

However, upon Thomas’s passing, Gotham City’s corruption spread to the corporation’s Renewal Fund.  

Organized crime groups, including the Maroni and Falcone clans, utilized the fund to launder funds, pay bribes, and support their activities. 

These thieves and their dishonest politicians exploited the Gotham Renewal Fund for years before the Riddler made everything public. 

Following the events of The Batman, Gotham is currently underwater, hundreds of residents have been forced to relocate, and crime is out of control;  

Batman has long faced criticism for not utilizing his enormous fortune to solve the city’s issues but instead trying to improve Gotham by beating up destitute criminals. 

Batman’s conclusion reveals that Gotham is in disorder, providing room for Batman 2 to finally address this issue.