Netflix presently offers The Curse of Bridge Hollow for streaming.  

It’s not a really good movie, but if you’re looking for a family-friendly film to watch with your kids around Halloween, you could still be interested in checking it out.  

There is a shocking revelation at the conclusion of the film that seems to imply there could be a sequel.  

The Halloween decorations in the village come to life as a result of the spirit, and because these decorations feature witches and zombies, the locals are naturally frightened  

Will Sydney and Howard come to the rescue? No spoilers will be given here, but if you want to learn more, see our article, “The Ending Explained,” which explores the storyline of the film. 

The movie’s last sequence does, as we predicted, allude to a potential sequel. 

But as of this writing, Netflix has not made any announcements regarding The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2.  

The success of the film with viewers will probably determine the likelihood of a sequel. 

We don’t yet have watching statistics because the film has only recently been published, but we anticipate that it will be well-liked by families searching for something to watch during the Halloween season. 

The Adam Sandler–starring Hubie Halloween was a hit with Netflix viewers back in October 2020, and The Curse of Bridge Hollow appears like it was created for the same audience.