The creator of Andor, Tony Gilroy, discusses how many significant time leaps there are in season 2 

With Andor ending on a significant cliffhanger before season 2, viewers are now getting a preview of what will happen in the upcoming Star Wars episode. 

Tony Gilroy provided some insight for the upcoming Andor season 2 in an interview with Collider to discuss the season 1 conclusion of the program. 

According to the creator, who went into some depth about them, the time leaps would mostly be used to establish an adventure story and keep things on the edge 

It’s interesting to note that Andor was initially intended to be a five-season series, with each season focusing on a year in Cassian’s life.

The developer of the series, Gilroy, and Lucasfilm decided to cut back this concept to two seasons of 12 episodes each, claiming that the idea’s scope was “physically unachievable.” 

Gilroy recently revealed that Andor season 2 would have a number of time jumps, ranging from three days to a full year, with the season opener picking up a year after its cliffhanger finale. 

Although the confirmation of three-episode blocks is an interesting approach, it seems sensible.

Gilroy and his writing staff are better able to create constrained plot arcs that allow for gradual character growth and that also serve to establish the following batch of episodes.

In the interim, viewers can catch up with Andor season 1 on Disney+, which is currently streaming in its entirety.