Karl Urban of The Boys tells that production on season 4 will shortly start. Following the show's debut in 2019, Urban, who portrays the clever vigilante Billy Butcher on the Prime Video series, immediately won over fans.

From the arrival of Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy to the unexpected revelation that Victoria Newman was adopted by Vought CEO Stan Edgar, season 3 has been full of surprises.

Urban provided Collider with an update on season 4 prior to the season 3 finale of The Boys and hinted that fans might see the cast reunite earlier than anticipated.

Season 4 filming will start in late August, according to Urban, so Prime Video subscribers should anticipate new episodes sometime in 2019.

A week following the premiere of season 3, Prime Video quickly renewed The Boys for season 4.

But provided their characters aren't killed off before the conclusion of season 3, it's safe to assume that the bulk, if not all, of the original cast will reprise their roles in upcoming episodes.

Although Urban said he hasn't even started reading the scripts for The Boys Season 4, he expressed excitement to find out what lies ahead for the group. The upcoming season is still a mystery as of right now.

Fans can presumably anticipate seeing more of Soldier Boy, a doped-up Butcher, in season 4, which is scheduled to start production this summer.

After the thrilling season 2 conclusion, The Boys established themselves as a real government agency tasked with managing superheroes, which uncovered long-forgotten facts like Vought's covert creation of a temporary Compound V.

The Boys season 3 finale is certain to leave fans with a heart-pounding cliffhanger, despite the fact that fans won't know what will happen in subsequent episodes for some time due to the joyful revelation that a new season is starting filming soon.