The Abandons, a new television series from Netflix and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, aims to take on competition like Yellowstone and 1883 as well as succeed Longmire. 

In 1850s America’s Wild West, the television series will take place. Kurt Sutter will serve as both the showrunner and executive producer of The Abandons, as was first revealed in November 2021. 

I’ve always wanted to make a western, even before Sons, and then Deadwood came out. According to legend, Ian Anderson was aspiring to be a great rock guitarist when he heard Clapton perform and declared 

“Fuck, I’m going to become the greatest rock flautist that ever lived. He actually did that for Jethro Tull. 

I experienced this after watching Deadwood. I used almost all of the actors from that episode after saying, “Let me stick to the criminal genre.” 

This Beast, a feature-length movie about a trapper’s conflict with an elusive beast that is destroying an 18th-century English community, is Sutter’s second production for Netflix. SutterInk, Sutter’s production firm, will create the series. 

This belongs to a thriving and underutilised category, especially on Netflix. One of Paramount’s most treasured assets right now is the Taylor Sheridan universe, and Netflix’s Longmire frequently ranks in the Nielsen top 10.  

The Abandons on Netflix has the following synopsis: When a corrupt force of wealth and power, wanting their land, attempts to drive them off, The Abandons follows a group of different, outlier families as they pursue their Manifest Destiny in 1850s Oregon.