Taylor Swift's deepfake nude images went viral on the internet, sparking outrage

On Wednesday, nonconsensual, sexually graphic deepfakes of Taylor Swift went viral on X.

In just 19 hours, the account that uploaded the photographs received over 27 million views and over 260,000 likes before it was suspended.

On X, deepfakes depicting Swift in naked and sexual settings are still widely shared, even as reposts of the popular deepfakes. 

These images can be produced by using AI tools to "undress" genuine photographs, or they can be produced by using AI tools to create completely new, fake images.

Although the images' source is unknown, a watermark suggests that they originated from a website that has been around for years and is well-known for posting phony pictures of celebrities in their underwear.

The website features a section titled "AI deepfake." After scanning the photos, Reality Defender, a company that develops software for AI detection, concluded that there was a good chance the photographs were produced using AI.

The photographs' widespread distribution for almost a day draws attention to the worrying rise of false information and AI-generated content on the internet.