Taylor Swift rushes to kiss Travis Kelce behind the scenes in Singapore  

The hearts of Swifties were racing when Travis Kelce made an unexpected visit backstage amid the sparkling lights and enthusiastic audience of Singapore's Eras tour.   

The star of the event, though, is Taylor Swift, who gives her boyfriend a Karma shoutout before leaping into his arms and kissing him for a minute.   

The beautiful moment in the video quickly became popular on social media, as people gushed about it and dubbed it a great example of "love in the air."  

As previously reported, the NFL player traveled to Singapore by plane with his entourage, stopping in Philadelphia and Cleveland to show support for his brother, Jason Kelce, who recently declared his retirement from the game.   

The Kansas City Chiefs manager and his close-knit group of friends, along with Travis Kelce, took off for Singapore to see the fifth night of the Era tour.  

Observant spectators saw Travis Kelce encouraging his fiancée, Taylor Swift, at her Singapore Eras Tour show.   

Taylor made a specific mention of him throughout the performance by altering the lyrics of Karma to make reference to him as the "guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me."   

And see who flew across the world to meet her overseas and then came right to her. Attendees observed the NFL player waiting for the Grammy winner as the event was coming to an end.   

Their hearts grew larger moments later when Taylor threw herself into his wide arms, giving him a tight, warm hug and a few tender kisses.