Taylor Swift got an honorary doctorate in fine arts from New York University today. The singer wore a cap, a blue gown, and a black outfit to the Yankee Stadium in New York.  

She also gave a speech at New York University’s all-school commencement ceremony in 2022.  

In her speech, she said, “I’m 90 percent sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called ’22′.”  

Even though she “never got to have the usual college experience,” Swift explained the honour of speaking in front of kids.  

The artist then added, “As a kid, I always thought I would go away to college, imagining the posters I’d hang on the wall of my freshman dorm. 

Swift fans have been watching the live feed of her New York University graduation ceremony and sharing photos on social media.  

Fans flooded social media with pictures of themselves congratulating the celebrity and praising her “earnest” statement. 

Some said they cried and felt like “proud mums” as they watched her graduate. 

Various forms of “Doctor Taylor Swift” began trending on Twitter before the ceremony even started. 

She posted an Instagram post before the ceremony, getting ready for the ceremony.