Taylor Swift flaunts her custom diamond friendship bracelet engraved with Travis Kelce's initials

Taylor Swift was been presented with a $6K lavish surprise from Travis Kelce. For the lovers, Valentine's Week arrived early as NFL player Travis Kelce surprised his sweetie with a gorgeous diamond bracelet. 

Prior to this, those who were perceptive enough to notice anything exceptional about Taylor's outfit of the day were talking about more than just the Kansas City Chiefs' triumph over the Baltimore Ravens. 

The singer of Cruel Summer was showing off this piece of jewelry during the game, but it's more than simply a glitzy accessory—it has hidden meanings.

In addition to wishing the Chiefs luck in the AFC Championship, Taylor Swift looked amazing wearing her team's colors, red and black, from head to toe. 

However, the genuine sparkler she wore wasn't just any piece of jewelry. 

During the Chiefs' 2024 Super Bowl victory game on Sunday, the Love Story singer donned a custom diamond friendship bracelet that read "TNT," a humorous play on Travis and Taylor's initials.

The designer claims that they made Swift a bracelet and the football player himself a chunkier version of the same bracelet.

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