Taylor Swift disclosed close family links to Singapore  

Pop sensation Taylor Swift disclosed that she has known about Singapore for her "whole life" and has strong ties to the country.  

During her Saturday performance at Singapore National Stadium, the Dress singer talked about her ties to the nation as a child.   

“My mom actually spent a lot of her childhood with her mom and dad and her sister growing up in Singapore,” Swift shared with the crowd. 

With the song she wrote named Marjorie, the singer-songwriter also honored her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay. She paused after the moving performance to discuss her family.  

“A lot of the time when we would come here on tour, my mom would take me and drive me past her old house and where she used to go to school,” the singer added.

“I’ve been hearing about Singapore my whole life,” she said.

The singer of Bad Blood spoke about how important the Singapore show was to her.   

The news was accompanied by a brand-new, monochromatic album cover, also in black and white. 

It meant the world to her to be able to perform at such a large event with so many kind, giving individuals who were effectively paying tribute to her family through the song "Marjorie."