Olivia Wilde-Directed Film Which Stars Her Boyfriend Harry Styles, Has A Trailer

Olivia Wilde opened up about her upcoming movie called “Don’t Worry Darling” which stars her boyfriend Harry Styles.  

On 26th April, Olivia Wilde released the full-length trailer of Don’t Worry Darling at the CinemaCon event 

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller based on a homemaker during the 1950s 

Florence Pugh, known for Little Women (2019), plays the role of housewife and Harry Styles is portraying her spouse. 

Olivia Wilde cited historic movies such as Inception, The Truman Show and The Matrix which led her to direct Don’t Worry Darling. 

The “Love The Coopers” actor called these films “movies that push the boundaries of our imagination”. 

Olivia made her directorial debut in 2019 with “Booksmart” 

Yesterday she expressed that she decided to “aim for the moon” when got the opportunity to direct again.