Singer SZA was honored with Woman of the Year award at this year's Bilboard Women in Music Ceremony

“I’m taped in here for high hell, y’all. I just want to thank God and my parents are here, my mom and my dad and right here, and my whole team, Punch and MeLisa and Top "

“I don’t know. A couple days ago MeLisa was like – I was about to go on stage, I’m on tour right now, today is my day off – she was like, ‘You should take time to write your speech.’ And then it’s like, ’10 seconds to stage’ and it’s like, ‘OK.’ 

“I didn’t write anything but that’s also who I am. I’m a very off the dome person. "

"What I wanted to say is that there’s so many women in this room right now that I respect so deeply. This could have been any of us in this room."

"Whether it’s Lana Del Rey or Olivia Rodrigo or Chloe or Doechii who is a f–king star or Latto, or even Coi, my very own Jersey baby."

"I think sometimes there’s a misconception where everybody always feels like that girl, like, oh, I know I’m that b—-h and I have a lot of confidence. It’s OK to not be that person all the time. "

"I used to feel like I didn’t belong because I don’t always feel like that. But I realized that the key is to stay open and available for whatever the universe or God wants to do with your life." 

"I really just want my life to be more than music, to be more than just an artist. I want to serve others."