Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika)

After becoming trapped in SAO, Lisbeth worked as a blacksmith, which allowed her to contribute to the escape efforts without having to risk her life in the battles themselves 

Selka Zuberg

Selka was first presented as Alice's younger sister during the Alicization storyline, and she was expected to live up to her sister's fame.


Yui was originally designed as an AI for the first SAO game, but she quickly gained her own identity after developing relationships with Kirito and Asuna.

Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha) 

Knowing there are no real-world consequences to what you're doing makes it difficult to be courageous. Thus, even though Leafa is a wonderful heroine who greatly aids Kirito in ALfheim

Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika)

Since she was a young child, Alice has been brave and caring, accidentally breaking the Taboo Index while attempting to assist a stranger. 


Although Eugeo was motivated to become a warrior by Kirito, his unwavering focus and solid moral principles were all his own.

Klein (Tsuboi Ryoutarou)

Klein joined Sword Art Online as a relative newcomer, but his fierce Gryffindor pride compelled him to take part in the battle.

Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika)

Asuna initially had no hope for her future in SAO, yet she swiftly rose to become one of their most courageous warriors.

Sinon (Asada Shino)

Despite not receiving much praise, the Phantom Bullet arc did establish one of the strongest and bravest characters in the show.

Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)

In Sword Art Online, Kirito had to bolster his fortitude in order to deal with each catastrophe. He is brave because of how much he volunteered, taking on extra responsibilities that put his life and soul in risk only because others were.

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