Supersex on Netflix Combines Stunning Drama with Sex Scenes That Are Unbelievably Hot  

Netflix has released a new Italian drama titled Supersex, which is about the life and times of renowned porn performer Rocco Siffredi, who previously acted in a number of movies under the title "Buttman."  

Ultimately, Netflix frequently releases dreary foreign films that include athletic sex scenes but dreadful acting and conversation.   

Supersex, on the other hand, transcends those clichés by offering a scathing, captivating, and sobering look into the angels and devils within one man.   

It's masterfully written, exquisitely performed, and masterfully photographed. Oh, and there are some very amazing sex scenes.   

Supersex is based on the life of Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi, and was created by writer Francesca Manieri (We Are Who We Are).  

At the height of his abilities, the performance launches in 2004.   

Alessandro Borghi's character Rocco is treated like a sex-obsessed version of Barrack Obama and The Beatles when he shows up to a pornographic expo in Paris.  

But when he notices his deceased brother Tommaso (Adriano Giannini) in the crowd, a routine Q&A session becomes disastrous.   

After a disturbed Rocco declares his retirement, a stunning hostess named Noemi (Noemi Brando) practically begs him to stay backstage. See, she was just in Paris to film a pornographic film with him!