Conner Kent/Superboy (Joshua Orpin) has been revealed to have inherited Superman’s susceptibility to magic in Titans Season 4. 

The most recent episode of the HBO Max series, “Super Super Mart,” highlights Superboy’s susceptibility to strange phenomena.  

Here, Conner Kent and his gang face off against a swarm of zombies that are under Mother Mayhem’s influence.

Conner’s nearly indestructible skin is pierced by one of the undead creatures—none other than Deathstroke, a legendary Titans foe—whose attack on the young hero is magic-infused.  

Later, Conner vomits up a snake and then blood, demonstrating that he is not immune to Mother Mayhem’s spells. 

As a clone of both Superman and his antagonist Lex Luthor, Conner’s origin tale as Superboy makes sense given that he shares Superman’s vulnerability to magic. 

In the appropriately called first episode of Season 4, “Lex Luthor,” played by Titus Welliver, Luthor makes his Titans debut.  

Showrunner Greg Walker has subsequently confirmed that Lex Luthor’s abrupt exit was due to DC Studios only allowing Titans to use the character in a single episode.

Walker is still confident that Superman might make an appearance in Titans Season 4 despite the limits around Luthor’s presence.  

Walker advised viewers to keep an eye out for other allusions to Superman sprinkled throughout the upcoming episodes of Titans Season 4.