Stranger Things’ British star Joe Quinn has given away a few astonishing details regarding the much awaited season four finale.

Eddie Munson, played by Quinn, is a big-haired metalhead who owns the Hellfire Club and performs in the band Corroded Coffin.

Eddie Munson first appeared at the start of the most recent season of the Netflix hit.

Naturally, Munson is also charged with murder and accused of practising satanism.

Quinn described the dramatic final episode to the Guardian newspaper without revealing too much about the last and final episode.

The legendary Kate Bush song, which Stranger Things has already made so popular that it is currently topping charts for the first time more than 30 years after its release, wouldn’t be shocking if they discovered other uses for it.

Quinn tried and failed to play Dungeons and Dragons himself while researching his role for the immensely popular series.

Instead, he listened to a lot of heavy metal music, such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Dio.

Given Munson’s preferences, it is not particularly surprising that he is given the opportunity to play the guitar in the climactic episode.

Quinn’s most well-known roles before Stranger Things included those in a number of British historical plays, including Dickensian, Howard’s End, and Les Misérables.