Stranger Things Star Responds And Gives Hints When Asked About Season 5 Return

Actor Paul Reiser of Stranger Things hints a return in the upcoming fifth season.  

When the popular Netflix series first debuted in 2016, it attracted a lot of attention due to its compelling storyline as well as its endearing cast, which included well-known actors like Paul Reiser, who plays Dr. Sam Owens, the director of Hawkins Laboratory and an executive of the Department of Energy.  

When asked who dies in Stranger Things season 5 during a discussion about the sci-fi horror drama with, Reiser said, "I don't know. You must pay attention."  

He said, "No, I cannot. I cannot because I don't know. You've got to watch. If I tell you, a bullet... You see a little red light on me here? There's somebody watching us at all times."

The Stranger Things creators have been able to stick with the same core group since the show's debut. For the show's final season, it is anticipated that the majority of the main cast members as well as a few members of the supporting cast will return.   

Not every member of the cast is expected to survive Stranger Things' final season, since several well-known characters have been killed off in earlier installments.  

It's reasonable to presume that all of the main cast members will be returning to their respective roles because most of them survived the suspenseful Stranger Things season 4 conclusion.   

Sadie Sink's Max was left in a coma in season 4, therefore there was some doubt about her returning for the final season.