Producer and frequent director Shawn Levy of Stranger Things has hinted that season 5 will be both an epic and extremely emotional event.  

Season 5 of Stranger Things will soon be available for watching on Netflix

The fourth season of Stranger Things was definitely worth the three-year wait.  

The upcoming fifth and final season of the Netflix series Stranger Things is covered in great detail in the video below. 

Stranger Things has been and still is one of Netflix’s flagship series since its debut in July 2016.  

As the seasons have gone by, the appeal of each new excursion has grown. 

The producer and director claim that season 5 will not only be an emotionally draining experience for the actors and crew while filming 

Although there are still many unanswered concerns and mysteries surrounding Stranger Things season 5, it sounds like the most ambitious episode yet.  

Since the Duffer Brothers have previously demonstrated their willingness to murder off significant characters.

Despite the fans’ best efforts, there will undoubtedly be a long wait for Stranger Things’ fifth season.