Sadie sink has now become a popular name because of her famous role as Max in the fan-favorite sci-fi series Stranger Things.  

Sink appeared in the second session of the series, she auditioned for the part when she was 14 years old. 

The actress added-All of my friends were watching each and everything.  

Sadie also revealed that she was already too much eager to play Max’s character in the series.  

The Duffer brothers also sent her skateboard to Sadie’s house the next day and she had to learn how to do that. 

As the actress revealed that the duffer brothers the very next day sent her skateboard so that she can practice.  

Sadie then confessed that she had never skateboarded in her entire life,” I said I had rollerblading experience, which is just a lie“.  

The actress accepted that she don’t really enjoy it,” Sadie spoke, because the first day I took a rather hard drop and it just set a poor tone for the whole journey.  

The journey began when she was 14 years old and bagged her role for Max in the superhit series stranger things. 

At present time Max’s destiny is hanging on a cliff because she is in a coma because of the Vecna attack.