Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is currently taking over Netflix.

The future of the show is currently the subject of speculation among the viewers.  

Stranger Things, unquestionably one of the most watched shows on OTT, captivates viewers with its all-star cast of characters and compelling story. 

Over the past weekend, Stranger Things Season 4 came to a dramatic conclusion.  

Currently, the season has received exactly 1.15 billion hours of viewing, and the anticipation for the final two episodes helped the show surpass that milestone with 301 million hours of viewing.

Now, Stranger Things is just the second Netflix series to join the billion hours viewed club.  

 Only Squid Game, with 1.6 billion hours viewed, is ahead of it. 

For any English-language show on Netflix, Season 4 has already achieved the largest opening weekend and best single week. 

The first season received 34.5 million hours of viewing, while seasons two and three this past week received 30.3 million hours each. 

Although Season 5 hasn’t started filming yet, predictions indicate that it will likely air around 2024.