Season 4 of the anticipated drama is all set to premiere on Netflix on May 27, 2022.  

Directed by the Duffer Brothers, this season is divided into two volumes, with the first part releasing on May 27 followed by the second volume releasing on July 1, 2022. 

The show becomes a massive hit on the streaming service and has been streamed over half a billion times after the first four weeks of the release of Season 3.  

Fascinating viewers with a blend of lovable characters, amazing acting, and attractive cinematography, the show has attracted audiences from all over the world. 

This season might be the scariest and darkest with elements of humor. Finn Wolfhard who is playing Mike Wheeler on the show revealed at a June 2021 set visit roundtable, “It gets funnier, gets scarier, gets more dramatic. 

The Duffer Brothers confirmed that there are still “many exciting stories left to tell about the universe of Stranger Things.” 

The possible reason for the end of the series with season 5 might be the age of the characters.  

All the characters have started their journey in the show as teenagers but they are growing faster in real life.